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Adding a new WordPress installation is a very simple procedure in TrulyWP. You need to provide a few pieces of information and your WordPress installation is ready to be used in minutes.

Add a new WordPress installation

From the Dashboard, when you click on the Create New Installation button, you are taken to a page which looks like the screenshot above. Please see below for a description for the information you need to enter:

  • Site Title: This is the human readable title or name you want to give your WordPress installation. e.g: Jill’s Corner, Thoughts on Books, Acme Enterprises Website.
  • Installation Name: This is a unique name which is used as the TrulyWP subdomain. Although this name is auto-generated from the Site Title provided, you can always change this. For example, a WordPress installation with the Site Title Jill’s Corner becomes “jillscorner” and will also be accessible from This is called the built-in domain. Once you install WordPress, you can add a custom domain make it point to your new WordPress installation.
  • Admin User Name: This is the WordPress admin user name for your WordPress installation. You have a distinct WordPress account for every WordPress installation you create on TrulyWP.
  • WordPress Admin Password: This is the WordPress installation’s admin password. You should copy this password and keep it safe so that you can login once your WordPress installation is ready. You can read more about TrulyWP Security or about How to Reset your Password.
  • Admin Email Address: The email address associated with this particular WordPress installation. Important information specific to this WordPress installation may be sent here from time to time. By default, the email address associated with your TrulyWP account is filled in here, but you can always change it before you create the installation.
  • PHP Version: TrulyWP supports a range of PHP versions you can deploy for your WordPress installation. Not only that, you can switch PHP versions even after you’ve created your WordPress installation. By default, the latest PHP version available is selected. You may be planning to use certain WordPress plugins that depend on specific PHP versions. You can switch an installation’s PHP version even after you’ve created it. Please see this kBase article on how that works.

When you’ve filled in the required information, just click on the Create WordPress Installationbutton. TrulyWP will then start commissioning your brand new WordPress installation. It might take a few minutes depending on how busy the system is. TrulyWP also keeps you informed about what it is doing with the new installation as it gets set up. You are free to navigate away and continue doing something else. You’ll always get an email once your WordPress installation is ready for you.

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