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You can enjoy the great speed and performance offered by TrulyWP Premium WordPress Hosting for your WordPress websites by migrating your existing WordPress site (source WordPress installation) to TrulyWP without losing anything. Here is the outline of the things you need to do to switch to TrulyWP:

A Simple, 5-step Migration

  1. Create a new WordPress installation in TrulyWP (the target WordPress installation)
  2. Install the recommended WordPress backup plugin in your source and target WordPress installations
  3. Backup and download your source WordPress installation
  4. Upload the backup to your target WordPress installation
  5. Add and point your custom domain to the new TrulyWP target WordPress installation

Step #1: Create a new WordPress installation

This is a simple step, which is outlined here.

Step #2: Installing the backup plugin

We recommend you install the All-in-One WP Migration plugin on both the target and source WordPress installations. It is a simple matter of searching for the plugin once you are logged into the WordPress admin console and installing it.

Step #3: Backup and download the source installation

Once you initiate the backup via and plugin, depending on the size of the installation, it may take a while. Once your backup is ready, you can download it to your local laptop / computer.

Step #4: Upload the backup to your TrulyWP target installation

Navigate to the plugin and upload the backup file which you downloaded from the source WordPress installation. Depending on the size of your source installation, this can take a while. Once you confirm the restore, data from your source file will be restored on to your new WordPress installation on TrulyWP.

Step #5: Point your custom domain to the TrulyWP target installation

Using the built-in domain, you can access your restored target website on TrulyWP and ensure everything is working as expected. Once you are satisfied, you might want traffic going to your old WordPress website to be sent to your new installation on TrulyWP. To do this, you’ll need to point your domain to your TrulyWP installation’s IP address after adding your custom domain to your installation. This procedure is described in the kBase article Setting up a custom domain.


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