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All new TrulyWP WordPress sites start with something called a “built-in” domain name. This built-in domain name is a TrulyWP subdomain. Usually, within a few minutes of setting up your WordPress installation, you should be able to view your WordPress site, log into it and get on with using it. However, we understand you may not want to continue using your website under a subdomain like While it may help you get started immediately, you might want to point your own, custom domain to it.

In this kBase article, we’ll see how to get that done. Navigate to Dashboard > Your WordPress Installation > Domains. Once you are in Domain settings, you should be able to see your custom domains listed, if you had set them up earlier. You can add a custom domain by clicking on the Add Domain button, entering your custom domain name and clicking on the Add Domain button. This will start the process of making your TrulyWP WordPress installation work with the additional custom domain you’ve added.

Pointing your custom domain to the WordPress installation

Adding a custom domain tells TrulyWP that it is a new way of referring to your WordPress installation. But for browsers to find your WordPress installation, you need to point your domain to your WordPress installation’s IP address. This is done by adding an A record with the IP address of your WordPress installation. You can find the IP address of your WordPress installation right from the Dashboard, as part of the IP Address column. You can also find it in Dashboard > Your WordPress Installation > Overview > IP Address.

Once you have the IP address of your WordPress installation, you need to add an “A record” for your domain name. This is typically done via your domain name registrar’s control panel. Talking about how to add an A record in your domain name would be something way out of scope for this kBase article and is also highly specific to your domain name registrar. Please consult your domain name registrar’s documentation on this.

Primary Domains

You can have any number of custom domains pointing to your WordPress installation. All domains pointing to a WordPress installation will lead to loading the WordPress site in the browser, provided the domain’s A record is set properly in DNS. However, there can only be exactly one domain that is the primary domain. The primary domain is what WordPress thinks of the installation. Internally, all the WordPress site’s links point to the primary domain. This is how you want your audience to reach your website. You can make any custom domain or the TrulyWP built-in domains as the WordPress installation’s primary domain. In the Domains pane of the installation, you’ll see a list of domains for that WordPress installation. In the Actions column, there is a button for every domain with which you can change a domain to a primary domain.

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