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We generate secure passwords

When using TrulyWP, you’ll notice that we usually do not let you enter passwords manually. We always generate secure passwords for you. This is a security best practice that ensures that your WordPress installations are protected from brute-force attacks.

We do not store your passwords

There is no way to retrieve your generated passwords like your WordPress admin password, phpMyAdmin password, SFTP or SSH passwords. However, you can always reset them from the TrulyWP Backstage. This is done so that in the even that TrulyWP security is breached, your WordPress installations are safe since no passwords are leaked.

A note to power users

If you are a power user, you must be using a password manager to manage your passwords. But, if you read the previous sentence again, you’ll appreciate why we generate password for our users in the first place. Unfortunately, only power users seem to know the issues with weak passwords and go through the pain of using password managers. When dealing with TrulyWP WordPress installations, please manually create entries in your password manager after you’ve copied the generated passwords. Consider this a tiny price you pay so that majority of TrulyWP users are protected from the perils of using weak passwords.

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